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Arklam, the perfect sintered mass to dress the skin of buildings

The Saniceramic Group’s large format is complemented by the four types of Arktech ventilated facade systems

The advantages of ventilated facades are numerous. They are waterproof, allow air circulation and improve solar protection and thermal and acoustic insulation. They are also resistant to thermal shock, low temperatures, UV rays, wear, scratches, bending and chemicals. And all this without forgetting that they are environmentally friendly and easy to clean.

To all these qualities, Arklam Super Size adds the performance of this sintered mass collection, such as its lightness and fine thickness (6 mm) and its exceptional finishes, which make it an outstanding choice to wear the leather of any type of building, both new construction and rehabilitation.


Arklam has its own installation system with four types (Chemic, Staple, Plus and Plus Scaled), which adapt to the requirements of each project, facilitating installation and promoting time and cost savings. These systems, combined with the Arklam cladding, bring significant added value to the complex as an innovative construction solution, especially in terms of durability and energy efficiency.

The auxiliary substructure of Arktech ventilated facade systems is arranged vertically. As for the distribution of the pieces, several factors must be taken into account, such as the quality of the support, the design of the enclosure, the choice of the Arktech system, etc., although sometimes they can be fixed directly to the building’s structural systems. In this sense, the team of specialists of Arklam Super Size carries out a complete study to analyze all these variables and propose the ideal solution in each case.

Clamping brackets

Generally, the clamping angles are made of aluminium, they are 3 mm thick and their design is designed so that, once positioned at the optimum point by means of dies on both sides of the piece, they can be adjusted in both the horizontal and vertical planes.

Supporting screws

The screws placed at the supporting and retaining angles to the enclosure and structure support depend to a large extent on the type and conditions of the supports and the load to be supported, so it is essential to study these aspects before adopting one system or another. In the definition of the technical design of the ventilated façade, the type, position and number of screws to fix the anchors to the wall support will be calculated according to the support material and the analysis of the loads.

Connecting screws

As screws to connect the vertical profiling system and the angle of attachment, a hexagonal head and wick-tip screw is used, in stainless steel on alloy A2 or A4, according to the specifications of the project in terms of measurements and mechanical properties.

Vertical profiles

Arktech’s ventilated facade systems include four types of vertical profiles made of extruded aluminium made from En-AW 6063 magnesium-silicon alloy with T5 treatment, in accordance with the UNE EN 755-9 standard.

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