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Find out how to use and clean a kitchen countertop made with Arklam

How to maintain the Arklam surface as the first day?

Some recommendations to keep your kitchen countertop perfect

Care and maintenance

Do not clean Arklam with detergents or corrosive products. If necessary, there are specific products for removing different types of dirt. Always follow the instructions of the product in question.

Every day cleaning

To remove environmental dust, use a dry dust mop. It is not advisable to use wax-based products or selfshining wax. To care for Arklam properly, use a thorough neutral detergent like FilaCleaner. In the course of time, after continuous use of the tiled surface, it can be given a thorough clean if necessary by following the cleaning process used when it was first laid.

Removing stains

Remove any stains just after they occur. Do not allow them to dry. Before applying any kind of stain remover to polished porcelain tiles, carry out a test on a small, unnoticeable area of the floor to make sure that it does not affect the shine or colour.