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Ceramic formats, when your imagination is the limit

From the soft mosaics to the imposing super size pieces, ITT Ceramic products adapt to all kinds of decorative and architectural projects, due to their variety of designs, shapes and dimensions

The variety of ceramic proposals existing in the market allows to multiply the possible combinations of shapes and sizes in a surprising and almost a way only limited by the imagination, generating differentiated and authentic spaces. It is a trend that ITT Ceramic power with a wide variety of pavements and ceramic coatings endowed with many designs, styles, formats and finishes, both in porcelain and white body, red body or stoneware.

From the smallest expression, that is, the mosaic (from 3×3 cm), to the most singular forms such as the hexagon (as, for example, Hexa Collections, porcelain in 9”x10”), passing through the super size (Arklam, available in 39,4”x118” and 59”x103” 6 mm and 59”x126” 12 mm), the ITT Ceramic catalog includes everything necessary to carry out any decorative or architectural project, be it new or replacement work, both indoors and outdoors. All these proposals allow you to differentiate or highlight spaces, playing with dimensions, tones and finishes.


The mix of pieces of small size can lead to surprising results, using the volumes and mixtures between the different shades of the chromatic range and between shiny and matt finishes. The mosaics bring elegance and a classic touch, but always in a very contemporary way. They do not go out of fashion or style and are especially suitable for coating curved surfaces or highlighting specific spaces.



Hexa Collections. Porcelain. 23×27


The large format is an absolute trend that has emerged strongly in recent years. One of its main characteristics is that, by requiring fewer placement tasks, the effect of visual continuity is enhanced, a valuable reminder for exteriors and spaces in which it is sought to create a feeling of spaciousness.
In this respect, it is worth mentioning Arklam’s Slim thickness collection, which includes, on the one hand, the 6mm collection in 39,4”x118” and 59”x103” formats and which, due to its lightness and large dimensions, is a perfect material for interior and exterior cladding and for ventilated facades as well.


Village Grey Polished. Arklam. 1000×3000.

On the other hand, Arklam models 12 mm are perfect as a kitchen countertop. Its large dimensions (59”x126”) and its high performance respond effectively to the demands of these applications, which require a material resistant to stains, cuts, bumps and easy to clean and maintain.


Negro Marquina Polished. Arklam. 1500×3200.


The modularity of the square tiles (24”x24”, 18”x18” …) or rectangular tiles (6”x35”, 12”x24”, 12”x40”, for instance) adapts itself to all kinds of spaces. The different possible placements (horizontal, vertical, diagonal, etc.) and the possibility of combining pieces with different designs and colors makes the game infinite. They are very versatile pieces to give shape to any decoration and interior design project.

Within this line, with a square format (24”x24”), stands out the double thickness (20 millimeters) 2Dos porcelain range, which offers all the advantages of the raised installation, with a great durability and resistance to the weather, properties that make it a very versatile solution especially for outdoors (high traffic spaces, gardens, swimming pools, etc.).



Manhattan Grey. 2 cm

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