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How to install Arklam Super Size 12 mm on kitchen countertops?

Video installation Arklam Super Size 12 mm as kitchen countertop

Step 1: Measuring

On the given structure, measure the total surface to be covered with the ARKLAM counter. When taking measurements, you must bear in mind the exact position of the grooves to be cut for lodging the sink and the cooking area. Once the accurate measurements have been taken, sketch a layout and draw the whole ARKLAM counter. This way you can make a composition of the pieces comprising the entire counter covered with ARKLAM.

Step 2: Slab marking

The measurement must be transferred to the ARKLAM slab with a water-soluble pencil, setting the position of the individual pieces.

Step 3: Cutting inner grooves (corners)

First, the corners of the boxing must be perforated and, with the help of a drill bit with water refrigeration, the angles must also be perforated. Thus, we avoid any straight angles that may cause present or future problems with the ARKLAM counter.

Step 4: Cutting inner grooves  (finishing)

Next, straight cuts must be performed with the help of a grinding machine with dry cutting disks at high rotational speed and low advance speed, in order to obtain optimal cutting results. This tecnhique is of vital significance when performing dry cuts with a grinding machine, and must be implemented for straight cuts as well as for miter square finishes, and in any different type of edges.

Step 5: Shaping of edges

The different types of edge finishings for the ARKLAM counter depend on the design and finish required for the ARKLAM kitchen. Since it is a manual complex process, we strongly suggest having qualified professionals do the project. This involves three stages:

1. Edge shaping: in line with the finishing style selected for the front part of the ARKLAM counter.

2. Sanding: using a fine-grained sandpaper to refine the chosen shape.

3. Polishing: once the shape is totally formed, polishing is advised to achieve a fine touch and a smooth texture with no rough edges.

Step 6: Bonding and mounting

It is essential to take into consideration the composition of the frame where the ARKLAM counter will be mounted and bonded. The adhesive to be used shall depend on the underneath structure’s material.

Step 7: Edge grouting

In mitered finishes, you must previously grout all mitering in all its length. Once the ARKLAM slab is placed and fitted in its correct position, remove the excessive grout with a trowel and wait for 20 minutes until the grout has completely hardened. To obtain a perfect finish in ARKLAM counters with miter finishing and micro-bevelling, remove all excessive grout using grinding machines with fine-grain sandpaper. This will also refine the mitering and shape the mitered micro-bevelling.

Step 8: Polishing and finishing

For a smoother touch and to consolidate the grouting paste with the ARKLAM counter, polish all the micro-bevelling. This will confer the ARKLAM slab an extra continuity with its attached piece and thereby generate a unified piece with no visible joints.