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Large format ceramics, a trend at the top

The XXL ceramic slabs are a solution with great demand in the most demanding architecture and decoration projects

The Spanish ceramic industry continues to invest in super size formats, as demand for the large format ceramics continues to rise worldwide. The evolution experienced in the design, manufacture and marketing of XXL ceramic tiles has been accompanied by an outstanding technological development in this field and, consequently, has had an excellent reception by prescribers and end users. And the fact that we have seen this boom is also related to the many advantages associated with this type of film. First of all, its sustainable nature should be stressed. It is an environmental-friendly product, since the energy consumption used for its manufacture and transport is lower, as well as the volume added in rehabilitation works, since it is usually used two to three times less than in the case of quarry materials. The anchorage requirements are also minimal due to its lightness, although to ensure optimum installation, qualified installers are required. In this sense, installation is an important technical challenge and, even more so, taking into account that, as the size of the pieces has been increasing, their thickness has been reduced.

Large format ceramics also stand out for their versatility, as they can be used on multiple surfaces of the habitat, beyond floors and walls, as ceilings or as furniture.

Evolution of ceramic slabs

When defining XXL ceramic pieces, it has traditionally been considered that the minimum requirement was for them to have a side greater than 40 centimetres. In any case, this entire range of products has common characteristics, such as high hardness with a fine thickness, high resistance to low and high temperatures, scratching and chemical attack and anti-slip properties.

In this respect, Arklam, the large-format sintered ceramic from Saniceramic Group, has already positioned itself as a particularly suitable material. Available in 1000×3000 and 1500×2600 formats, with a thickness of 6 mm, and in 1500×3200, in 12 mm, with a wide variety of models and finishes (natural or silk effect polished and matt), Arklam Super Size offers maximum flexibility in projects of all types.

For its lightness, strength, durability and beauty, Arklam is the perfect product to cover any exterior or interior surface, both for residential and commercial use. In addition, its applications are not only limited to floors, walls or facades, but also extend to worktops, counters, partitions, tables, doors and furniture of all kinds. And all this with the highest technical and aesthetic features, allowing the generation of all kinds of visual effects, from the most subtle spatial continuity to the most powerful contrasts.

New collections at Cersaie 2018

With a view to the next edition of Cersaie 2018, which will take place in Bologna (Italy) from 24 to 28 September, Arklam Super Size will present new series that have been specially designed to shine with their own light at this fair, which is currently considered the main international showcase for showing the latest trends in materials for architecture, decoration and interior design.