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Fajovi’s commercial team receives training on the performance of Arklam super size

The distributor delegation visited the ITT Ceramic’s headquarters to get up close the advantages of the large format range

Several members of the Fajovi’s commercial team, a firm specialized in sales of interior decoration solutions, learned in detail the characteristics and functionalities of Arklam through the training carried out this week at the ITT Ceramic‘s headquarters. With the aim of offering the best technical advice to its customers, sales force professionals of the Spanish distributor have received specific training on this range of sintered ceramics of great size, thin thickness and outstanding technical performance, which, in this sense, stands out above all for its low absorption, high breaking force and environmental sustainability.


The Fajovi’s commercial delegation, during the visit to ITT Ceramic


Gonzalo Gil, technical architect of ITT Ceramic, accompanied by Rami Hamze, Vicente Sorlí and Javier Domingo (CEO, deputy general manager and area manager, respectively, of the company belonging to Saniceramic Group), was in charge of explaining the performance of Arklam 6 mm, which, both in 1000×3000 and 1500×2600 format, is consolidating itself as the perfect solution for all types of rehabilitation projects, interior and exterior spaces, ventilated facades, etc. In this regard, the different systems for the installation of this material in ventilated facades (Arktech Ventilated Facades System) were also shown, which has four own systems of vertical profiling to adapt to the requirements of each project. In addition, the sales team of Fajovi also received training about the qualities of Arklam 12 mm, the product line super size (1500×3200) designed for its application as a kitchen top, without discarding other uses such as tables, headboards and other furniture, urban banks, etc.


The Fajovi professionals were especially interested in Arklam 12 mm countertops

During the training, important aspects of the process were addressed, such as handling, cutting and polishing, placement, use, cleaning and maintenance of this product, which substantially multiplies the possibilities of ceramics.