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Cottage style, or ‘the exodus from the city to the countryside’ that is so in vogue

The pandemic and the boom in telework have led many people to rethink their approach to life. The cottage style is rising from the ashes to show that a slow, quiet lifestyle, far from the city, is possible. Here are all the keys to the resurging interior design trends in 2021.

The Covid-19 health crisis and the ability to work remotely have opened up new ways to view lifestyles. The search for greater peace of mind and connecting with nature has led more and more people to move to rural settings, far away from the stress of the city. A rediscovery of villages and their slow lifestyle, which has brought back country houses and their iconic rustic décor.

The cottage style, or country chic, is the result of adapting this rustic décor to modern lifestyles. Here are the keys to achieving the warm and sophisticated interiors for this 2021 trending style that is here to stay.

What the cottage style is

The cottage (or country chic) style is an elegant blend of traditional English country houses influenced by Victorian aesthetics, and a rustic, country décor. It also has elements of French origin and features of Provençal design.

The most notable materials in cottage-style houses include wood, forged metal, iron and porcelain. Due to their rustic and authentic appeal, faded finishes and effects take centre stage, as do old, repurposed objects that tell their history and past moments.

As for the colours most seen in cottage-style décor, the most notable are the earthen colours, such as beige, make-up and terracotta. Whites also make an appearance and, to a lesser extent, greys, black and certain pastel tones that, despite their neutrality, confer personality and character to the decoration. The result of this restrained amalgam of colours is a very rural, warm and welcoming environment that is inspired by the nuances of nature.


Estilo cottage

‘Sun’ tones and countless details are Campaspero’s calling card. 60×120 format.

Campaspero, or how to decorate a cottage-style home with porcelain  

Although wood plays a central role in cottage-style houses, so does stone, thanks to its ability to bridge the gap between rustic and classical-renovated. Inspired by Spanish stone, Campaspero is the perfect stone-effect porcelain for bringing this trend into the home, as it strikes the right balance between the old and the current. This material brings this “country cottage” essence into architecture with a very natural aesthetic, where signs of wear and cracks on the surface add a familiar feel. In addition to the warm look resulting from its sun tones, ITT Ceramic has relied on the latest ceramic manufacturing technology to give a silky touch to this recently launched ceramic series. A very elegant porcelain tile full of details that, combined with wooden furniture and wicker elements, is sure to yield a charming interior design. One fit for a country home. Far away from the city.


Estilo Cottage

New Campaspero Collection in 60×120. Get a very chic country décor with retro wooden furniture, wicker decoration and natural fabrics.

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