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The keys to the modern rustic style: the rise of country living turned décor

The exodus from the city to the countryside that is so in vogue now has led the rustic style to become one of the most popular interior design trends in pandemic-era homes. Discover how to nail this comfortable, simple, natural look without your home looking old-fashioned. It’s time for the new rustic.

If you cast your mind back (or flick through an old photo album), images of a childhood spent at ‘grandma’s house in the countryside’ will probably come to mind. In those days, more than a home décor style, the rustic style was a way of life, all about enjoying the slow pace of the countryside away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Although this style has remained timeless over the years, especially in rural settings, the exodus from the city to the countryside caused by the pandemic has helped this interior décor style bounce back as one of the biggest design trends in modern homes. Of course, it now has a fresh new look; a new take on rustic style that rejects the clichéd and worn out and works around modern-day living.

What is the rustic style?

The rustic style is an interior design style influenced by the homes of the last century that aims to create a country atmosphere that’s highly relaxed and connected with nature. The new rustic style is based on the above but adding to the spaces a modern twist, with much whiter features — a cross between rustic aesthetics and Nordic design styles —, statement furniture with rounded lines made of natural fibres and interior arrangements that are in line with current architecture trends, like open kitchen/living rooms.


Modern rustic style builds on traditional rustic style commandments, giving them a slight twist to suit current trends and lifestyles. It’s not uncommon to find the bright and cosy white typical of Nordic design or statement furniture pieces with modern lines. Dining room with Vintage Taupe 23×120 floor.

Modern rustic-style houses: a new take on traditional décor

  1. The materials

As you can probably guess, the most notable material in modern rustic houses is wood. Just like in the homes of the past, this natural and authentic material should be everywhere; in the walls, floors and furniture, as well as in the more fixed elements of the house’s structure, such as old doors, beams and wooden ceilings. To achieve a modern rustic style that will suit a present-day home, we recommend wood-effect tiles as these offer all the appeal and allure of wood but with the practical advantages of porcelain. Just like in real forests, there are more modern ceramic woods, and then there are the more rustic ones that will help create a more farm-inspired, cosy living room. There are also different shades and intensities available to create that antique, quaint, rustic atmosphere.


The Norway collection is one of the most rustic ranges in the ITT Ceramic catalogue. Its deep detonation and range of shades make each piece unique, closely recreating wood extracted directly from nature. Norway Natural 21.8×84.

Other materials that are perfect for modern rustic homes are ones you would find in more traditional rustic houses, such as stone, mud and natural fibres. However, don’t be afraid to use other options such as plastic, glass or metal for things like lamps and enclosures. This creates an original hybrid rustic/industrial style, which is also very in vogue now.


The new rustic style is modernised by blending country aesthetics with features from other decorative trends. As well as wood, a favourite in rustic décor, it is not uncommon to find other materials such as glass or metal or wrought iron enclosures, more typical of industrial styles, or mid-century furniture and lamps. Artwood Dark 23×120 floor.

  1. Colours

Browns, beige, dark blacks and wood colours are unsurprisingly the most common in rustic-style décor. The new rustic style takes this a step further, flooding spaces with white to provide a greater sense of space and light, particularly in kitchens and bathrooms. Other shades favoured by the new rustic style are earthy hues, such as maroon and terra cotta, and livelier colours (blues, greens, pinks), but only in small doses.


Whites and off-whites (especially faded ones) are also synonymous with the new rustic style. You’ll love the Norai collection by Creative, which goes perfectly with stripped furniture. Norai Matt White 7.5×30.


Other shades that resurface in the new rustic are beiges, very soft earth hues and ‘sun’ colours. The new Campaspero series creates a very cottage-like atmosphere that will be ideal for your rustic project. Decorate the space with objects from yesteryear in wood and rattan to heighten the ‘antique’ effect even more. Campaspero, 59.5×119.2R.

  1. Other elements

Provençal furnishings are a staple of the rustic farmhouse aesthetic thanks to the romantic, antique feel they give off. Throw in some wooden pieces or white lacquer finishes for a more modern look. However, the new rustic style takes elements from classic rustic and pairs them with more contemporary, rounded furniture pieces made of natural fibres like yarn, wool, linen or cotton. In terms of finishes, worn and untreated is the way to go for the rustic style. Benches, irregular wooden stools and pieces of logs are other popular fixtures, and be sure to leave room for flowers and plants. Other elements that can be introduced are antique pieces to pile on the rustic-ness, contrasted with contemporary works of art. You can also warm up the space with blankets, cushions and rugs, be they leather or soft, snuggly ones, and add a chimney if you have the means.


Praga Natural 22.5×119.5R warm wooden floor. We love how it looks with Nordic and contemporary furniture, and the spotlight is placed on an accent wall with Arklam Sahara Noir Silk 6 mm, 1000×3000 m. The table is also by Arklam: Londra Grey Matt Polished 1500×3200.


Decorative logs and raw and untreated wooden stools and tables are ideal for a modern rustic project. In the image, Vintage White 23×120 floor.

Rustic-style kitchens

2022 kitchen trends have switched up kitchen layouts, including rustic-style ones. Nowadays, kitchens are open and annexed to the living room. There are also office kitchens, spaces in which to comfortably work and gather with family and friends. For a modern rustic style in kitchens, combine wooden or stone flooring with a plain white backsplash or metro-style tiles. You can also be bold by decorating this area with hydraulic or tropical tiles or tiles with geometric patterns, bringing dynamism to the space as a whole. As for the décor, opt for wooden and glass kitchenware like in the homes of times gone by to add a finishing rustic flourish.


An example of a modern kitchen with an understated rustic touch, thanks to the wooden furniture and the beige stone effect of Nuvole Cream Matt 59.5×59.5R (floor) and Nuvole Cream Matt 29.5x90R and Nuvole Cream Decor Matt 29.5x90R (cladding).

Rustic-style bathrooms

The rustic style gives spaces comfort, warmth and well-being, something which is needed in bathrooms. Create the perfect space for some me-time with stone or marble-effect tiles in beige hues and add a matching or wood-effect floor. You’ll have the perfect modern rustic-style bathroom.


Bathroom predominantly decorated with wood and large windows that let nature seep into the interior. Flooring: Bellver Oak 23×120.


Another modern rustic-style bathroom, but this time with beige stone-effect tiles. The collection is Londra Beige Matt 59.5×59.5R (flooring) and Londra Beige Matt 31.6x100R and Londra Beige Matt Decor 31.6x100R (cladding), the latter achieving a very elegant decorative wall that separates the room into two spaces.

Rustic-style terraces and exteriors

The pandemic has also made us appreciate terraces and outdoor spaces even more. With rustic-style décor, home exteriors will be even more reminiscent of traditional country homes. Recreate a classic wooden porch with an outdoor dining room scattered with plants and cushions. You could even move the kitchen outside and/or add a barbecue.

The ideal tiles for your terrace has to be a rustic ceramic solution like Rockley, which, made up of small listellos of different materials, bring dynamism and a very country style to outside spaces. The joy of living outdoors.


An ideal material to create that rustic effect in outdoor areas is the Rockley wall, 17×52, which combines different materials in a very dynamic composition of listellos designed to withstand the elements. In the image: Still Multicolor Rockley 17×52. Factory White GRIP+ 75x75R flooring.