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New ITT Ceramic and Arklam exhibition in Tunis

As the work is about to be completed, our distributor in Tunisia presents in these photographs how the project is coming along. This space shows our three brands.


On the one hand, ITT Ceramic, faithful to its slogan Innovating Trending Tiles. Its vocation is to always go further, maintaining sustainable growth. In addition to innovation and capacity for evolution, quality and variety are also distinctive features of each of the collections that make up ITT Ceramic’s extensive catalogue, which includes porcelain, technical porcelain, white body, red body and stoneware products.

Also present at the exhibition is the Creative brand, “Evolving into the past”. Creative is ITT Ceramic’s recently created brand inspired by the past that looks to the future by recovering the artistic essence and artisan spirit of ceramics. We reinterpret a classic product to update the tile with an eye always on the small details. Creativity 100% in small format.

And finally Arklam, the super size brand. This sintered mass proposal has been specially designed to respond to projects that require exclusivity and outstanding technical and aesthetic features. The available formats (1000×3000, 1200×2600, 1500×2600 and 1200×3000 in 6 mm and 1600×3200 in 12 and 20 mm) make Arklam the perfect solution as a covering, both in indoor and outdoor spaces. Kitchen worktops and ventilated facades are some of Arklam’s main applications, but the possibilities with Arklam are endless.