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We increase production by +50% with the installation of a new kiln

  • This milestone is part of our ambitious investment programme for 2022 to improve our customer service.
  • New technology to produce more metres more efficiently, reducing up to 20% of gas consumption per unit produced.

We show, once again, that we continue to work for and with our customers. In 2022, our company has deployed an ambitious investment programme that is manifested in a new milestone by installing a new kiln. This new kiln, which is already fully operational at our production plant in Chilches (Castellón), joins the other three that we already had, representing an increase of more than 50% in our production capacity.

This important investment, which has been a turning point for our company, not only renewed and doubled the capacity of one of our production lines, but added a new one to make our range of products much more streamlined and competitive.

nuevo horno

The new kiln is equipped with the latest technology, allowing for much more efficient ceramic production.

More metres. Greater efficiency

The advantages for our company in implementing this new kiln include its size and capacity, as it is twice the size of the first kiln installed at the plant in both respects. Its state-of-the-art equipment has also made it possible to include more formats on the line and to manufacture a wider range of products more quickly, including more specific products, reducing delivery times and thus improving customer satisfaction.

nuevo horno

New kiln at our facilities in Chilches (Castellón), which is now fully operational.

Another of our company’s major commitments in recent years has been sustainability, an area in which the new kiln makes much more efficient production possible. Thanks to the new technology implemented in the plant, it will be possible to reduce gas consumption per unit produced by more than 20%, also achieving a significant reduction in CO2 emissions per piece manufactured.

nuevo horno

The new kiln makes it possible to include more formats on the line and manufacture a greater diversity of products.

nuevo horno

New kiln in operation at our plant (Chilches). This equipment reduces energy costs and CO2 emissions per unit produced.

nuevo horno

In addition to the kiln, the company has added a new line to its equipment and extended an existing one to make its product range more competitive.