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ITT Ceramic Logistics Centre 2 is fully operational

The new facilities, located in the industrial estate El Colomer, in Onda (Castellón, Spain), have an approximate surface area of 10,000 square metres

ITT Ceramic has just opened a new logistics centre on the El Colomer industrial estate in Onda (Castellón, Spain), in the heart of the Spanish ceramic industry. This infrastructure has more than 14,000 square meters, of which 1,400 square meters correspond to offices and exhibition and 850 square meters have been dedicated to the new facilities of the department of Promotion and Samples, along with a large outdoor parking lot. The approximate storage capacity is around 850,000 square metres of material.

These new facilities are the result of the growth experienced by the Saniceramic Group company in the last three years and, additionally, they respond to the strategic expansion plan planned for the coming years. In addition, “the logistics centre 2 will allow us to increase the quality of the service we provide to our customers, gaining in efficiency and speed so that our products can be delivered and transported on time and with all the guarantees”, affirms Vicente Sorlí, deputy general manager of ITT Ceramic.

The infrastructures also have three loading bays for containers adjustable by hydraulic elevator and are completed with the installation of a state-of-the-art underground scale equipped with high precision microsensors.

The logistics centre 2 complements the current ITT Ceramic facilities, located in Sant Joan de Moró (Castellón, Spain), which have a load capacity of around 3,000,000 square metres per year and where the company’s headquarters is located, which houses the main offices and a 400 square metre showroom in which the latest novelties in porcelain, technical porcelain, technical porcelain, large-format sintered ceramics (Arklam), white body, red body and stoneware are shown in great detail.