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The elegance of Portobello marble, absolute protagonist in a recent project by Zinarea Interior Design

The interior design studio has chosen this ITT Ceramic porcelain to decorate the floors and walls of a charming family home in Taichung (Taiwan)


Minimalism, luminosity and functionality define the interior design project developed by Zinarea Interior Design in a private apartment in Taichung, Taiwan, where the Portobello model by ITT Ceramic has an outstanding protagonism, as it has been applied as flooring and cladding in different spaces of this simple and charming family home. Specifically, Portobello has been placed in 60×120 format on the floor of the main lounge, while in 120×120 format it has been installed on the wall of the television area.

The designers responsible for this project, Ku Chen Hung y Pan Yi Xuan, have chosen this porcelain with a polished and rectified finish to represent all the essence and classicism of marble and to offer a realistic aesthetic to the maximum, incorporating all the advantages of ceramics, such as resistance, versatility and easy maintenance. All this makes it possible to enjoy this product in a timeless way, because, moreover, its elegant appearance never goes out of fashion and it is perfect for spaces in which a modern and current finish is sought.

A timeless marble

The Portobello marble is inspired by the past to provide versatility in the covering of all types of surfaces with a spectacular shine that distils exclusivity, as can be seen in the result of the work carried out by the professionals at Zinarea Interior Design, where white and light predominate as key elements of interior design when it comes to delimiting functional areas with warmth and achieving a greater sensation of spaciousness.

In short, the Portobello model is a perfect covering for a dwelling of these characteristics, in which the use of space was a fundamental requirement. For this reason, it has been chosen to dress the floors and walls with a light tone, but with a marked personality, combining white furniture and different shades of brown and turning the kitchen into a room to be enjoyed on a day-to-day basis by the whole family. In addition, on this floor of the apartment it has been chosen to separate with a large glass kitchen office from the rest and relaxation area so as to provide the space much more clarity.