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Ceramics, a key piece among the materials involved in an interior renovation project

The variety of ceramic proposals available on the market makes it possible to multiply the possible combinations of shapes and sizes in a surprising way


Activity in the reform sector in Spain continues at a constant pace. Whether it is a question of rehabilitating the usual home or a new one, the truth is that a correctly executed action contributes to improving the quality of life and can revalue the property up to 20%, according to data from the National Association of Distributors of Ceramics and Construction Materials (Andimac). In addition, it is not surprising that many individuals choose to buy and refurbish a second-hand home, since, according to the recently published real estate platform pisos.com, this can mean a saving of approximately 40,000 euros.

When it comes to making a reform or a rehabilitation, ceramics is a very advantageous option. Its resistance, durability, aesthetic variety and easy maintenance make it a key material in this type of project. Floors and walls in any room can change their appearance completely by installing ceramic or porcelain tiles, with the possibility of choosing between a wide variety of finishes, tones, textures and formats and with the added value of all its features.

The variety of ceramic proposals available on the market allows us to multiply the possible combinations of shapes and sizes in a surprising way and almost limited only by imagination, generating differentiated and authentic spaces. This is a trend that ITT Ceramic is promoting with a wide diversity of ceramic floor and wall tiles with an infinite number of designs, styles, formats and finishes, both in porcelain and in white, red or stoneware body.

From the smallest expression, such as mosaic to the most singular shapes or large formats, the company’s catalogue includes all the options for carrying out any decorative or architectural project, both indoors and outdoors. All these proposals make it possible to differentiate or highlight spaces, playing with designs that perfectly reproduce stones, woods, marbles and cements and with the different dimensions of ceramics, for example:


The combination of these pieces can give rise to surprising results, making use of the volumes and mixtures between the different shades of the chromatic range and between shiny and matt finishes. Hexagons add elegance and a classic touch, but always very contemporary. They do not go out of fashion and are especially suitable for highlighting specific spaces.



Large format is an absolute trend that has burst onto the scene in recent years. One of its main characteristics is that, by requiring fewer joints, it enhances the effect of visual continuity, a valuable resource for exteriors and for spaces that seek to create a sensation of spaciousness. In this sense, the alternative to the super size goes through other smaller formats, but equally impressive and with excellent aesthetic results.



As opposed to the XXL pieces, the latest trends regain the charm of small-format tiles and the Creative by ITT Ceramic brand is good proof of this. This collection is inspired by the past and looks to the future, recovering the handcrafted essence of ceramics as an essential element in the decoration of spaces. Creative means a renewed vision of the classic tile in small format, preserving an aesthetics that never goes out of fashion and offering designs in which with the support of the latest technology in ceramic manufacture unique designs have been achieved, full of geometries, modularity, colour, beveled and crackle effects… In this way, the decorative dimension of ceramics based on colour, the play of volumes and shapes and the artisan style is enhanced.


The modularity of square or rectangular tiles adapts to all kinds of spaces. The different possible layouts (horizontal, vertical, diagonal, etc.) and the possibility of combining pieces with different designs and colours makes the game infinite. They are very versatile pieces to give shape to any decoration and interior design project.


ITT Ceramic catalogues are available at this link